Explore the dark side of Yorktown...

Yorktown: the place where our nation's independence was won. By day, this tiny village is alive with tourists, fishermen and sunbathers. Deep beneath this peaceful allure, spirits of the past still cry out from the blood stained soil. They emerge from the shadows to peer down from windows and wander through the darkened streets. You may catch a glimpse back in time, as residual hauntings replay themselves before your very eyes. Some have also encountered intelligent spirits that reach to them from beyond the veil. 

Our tours are conducted by real paranormal investigators from Virginia Paranormal Investigations, and the published author of the book, "Ghosts of Yorktown." Countless hours of research allows us to offer a unique mix of compelling historical accounts, ghost stories and legends, and the paranormal experiences of those who've contacted our paranormal research group.

Join us as we venture along the haunted streets of Yorktown, Virginia. You never know what may lurk in the darkness. 

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